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Can all those “organic” and “zero waste” labeled products be affordable? Find out today as we explore zero waste makeup on a budget!

As the beauty industry continues to perpetually grow and create more and more products, it also wastes a ton of materials and energy sources, whilst polluting the environment.

In recent years, there has been a growing movement towards reducing waste and living a more sustainable lifestyle. While many have made efforts to reduce their plastic consumption and switch to reusable alternatives, the world of beauty has often been overlooked.

To help combat this a new branch in the beauty industry was born – zero waste makeup & skincare.

Affordable Zero Waste Makeup Brands

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite, yet affordable zero waste makeup brands:

What Is Zero Waste Makeup?

Zero waste makeup is a movement in the beauty industry which strives to create makeup products and at the same time, they’re trying to minimize their waste and reduce their impact on the environment.

They intend to create a closed-loop system, where every product and its packaging can be reused, recycled, or composted, instead of ending up in landfills.

All Earth Minerals Cosmetic is a Cornish brand that makes zero waste high-quality mineral makeup. They source their materials sustainably and in an eco-conscious way. Their mineral makeup has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which makes it suitable for every skin type, especially skin types that are prone to have any sensitivities. Their products are bismuth free- a material known for causing skin irritation to many.  This company is all for reducing its carbon footprint and fair labor treatment, as well as advocating for animal rights.


Their products come in rustic packing, which kind of looks like a pot. But it’s a part of their motto that you purchase a “pot for life” and once you finish the product you can get it refilled. They have eco pots with a plastic-free sifter, their samples come in compostable packaging, and their skincare comes in fully recyclable aluminium and glass.

All Earth Minerals Cosmetics has a unique “Eco Swap” service, where when you buy one of their products, you can send back your old plastic and mixed material packaging and brushes, and they will fully recycle them through the Terracycle project.

Benecos is a zero waste makeup brand founded in Germany. Their goal was to affordable, cruelty-free, and organic makeup. The word “bene” means good in Latin and “cos” means cosmetics. Their name means good cosmetics. They’re using high-quality ingredients like mineral oils, paraffin, plant extracts, waxes, etc.


Reducing plastic waste is one of their leading goals, and of course ours too. They’ve introduced Beauty ID palettes which are plastic-free, refillable palettes with fully recyclable infills. When you run out of your favorite shade you don’t have to buy a whole new palette, you can just refill it. The Beauty ID palette is vegan, plastic-free, and COSMOS certified. It’s made of the finest ingredients in sustainable packaging, ensuring that you can enjoy makeup without harming the environment.

Another great brand on our list is PHB Ethical Beauty. A family-owned company based in Brighton, UK. Their products are all-natural, vegan, halal, cruelty-free, alcohol-free, and palm oil free to ensure the softness of the skin. The ingredients are ethically sourced and they make sure that they’re all organic. They don’t use parabens, synthetic colors, perfumes, etc. The great thing about this company is that 20 percent of its profit goes to charities to help both people and animals. So whenever you’re purchasing one of their products you’ll also be helping the environment and humankind.


Most of their products are packaged in zero waste packaging, recyclable glass, and 100 percent recyclable PET tubes (made from recycled plastic).

Ethique is a climate-positive New Zealand-based brand. They’re a Certified B Corp brand that donates 2 percent of its profits to charities. They are Orangutan Alliance and Palm Oil free certified. This company was founded to reduce plastic waste and minimize environmental pollution. So far they’ve produced zero waste lip balms and lipsticks, but they’re working on expanding their makeup collection. The products are all vegan and cruelty-free. They use jojoba oil, moringa oil, castor oil, cacao butter, and carnauba wax as main ingredients.


The products are packaged in recyclable, plastic-free materials.

Last but not least is Zao Makeup. A 100 percent natural, zero waste, refillable, and certified organic by Ecocert. They’re obtaining their raw materials in a non-polluting way. They’re using organic materials such as plant extracts, vegetable oils and butters, mineral pigments, etc. They don’t use ingredients of animal origin such as beeswax and cochineal (red pigment).


Their primary packaging is made of bamboo since the bamboo takes only 4-5 years to regenerate, and the bamboo they’re using grows in endemic forests in protected areas. Their secondary packaging is made of cotton. Their bamboo products come in cotton pouches, which can later be reused, unlike cardboard cases that are immediately thrown away. 

Why Should We Consider Zero Waste Makeup?

There are multiple reasons why we should switch over to zero waste makeup.

Reducing Waste

Most cosmetic companies as we stated before and above are wasting energy sources, water, and so many materials including packaging, applicators, and unused product. Zero waste makeup companies are creating products to decrease that waste and minimize their environmental impact.

Avoiding Harmful Ingredients

Many traditional commercial cosmetics brands use synthetic ingredients and chemicals in their products, which can be harmful to our health. Zero waste makeup brands use natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients that are much safer.

Supporting Sustainable Practices

Zero waste makeup brands prioritize sustainable practices, such as using recycled and recyclable materials for the packaging, sustainably sourcing their ingredients, and reducing water and energy usage.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, switching our commercial makeup products with zero waste makeup products is a crucial step toward a more sustainable future.

As stated above the makeup industry creates a ton of waste every year, from packaging to non-recyclable materials. By choosing to purchase zero waste makeup we are reducing our carbon footprint, and environmental impact, and saving so many natural resources one small step at a time.

Zero waste makeup products are made from natural organic ingredients, which are better for both our health and the environment.

Making this switch may require some effort, patience, and investment, but in the end, everything is worth it. By reducing our waste we are making the planet a much cleaner and healthier place for ourselves and future generations.

This concludes our list of affordable zero waste makeup. As always we suggest you all to look more into this particular topic, read the labels, and the full ingredients list, and do swatch tests to see which brands fit you best. Because some brands and products may work for someone but not for someone and vice versa.





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