Our Top 5 Zero Waste Makeup Brushes

Step up your beauty routine, while leaving a lighter footprint on the planet with our top 5 zero waste makeup brushes – because gorgeous looks and a guilt-free conscience are a perfect match!

We all know that the fashion industry has been trying to be more eco-conscious and minimize its environmental impact and carbon footprint. Alongside the fashion industry, we’ve seen that the beauty industry is not that behind, and with every collection released, we’ve noticed their attempts at producing more sustainable and zero-waste makeup products.

Beauty products also contribute to the pollution of the planet. Makeup brushes as the most popular makeup tools are no exception.

In recent years a lot of makeup companies have been trying to make makeup brushes that are zero-waste and sustainable. Some failed but some have succeeded in it.

What is Zero Waste Makeup?

I know, I know you’re probably wondering “What is zero waste makeup?”.

Zero-waste makeup refers to cosmetics and beauty products that are designed to minimize waste and reduce their impact on the environment. This type of makeup typically comes in reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable packaging, and is made with natural, biodegradable ingredients that are free of harmful chemicals and preservatives.

The goal of zero waste makeup is to create a closed-loop system, where every product and its packaging can be reused, recycled, or composted, instead of ending up in landfills.

Just like how some fashion brands can do greenwashing, the beauty industry is no saint either. So we also have to be even more ATTENTIVE when shopping for makeup brushes and other makeup products.

Luckily we’ve curated a list of our top 5 zero-waste makeup brushes that you might want to pay attention to and possibly buy some yourselves. So let’s jump right into it!

The establishment of Flawless was driven by the objective of offering professional-grade makeup brushes and natural beauty products that are not only vegan, and reasonably priced, but also environmentally conscious.

All cosmetic brushes by Flawless are cruelty-free, carefully crafted by hand using eco-friendly materials, such as sustainable bamboo, and recycled aluminium, and the bristles are made from premium recycled synthetics.

The set includes:

  1. Contouring brush
  2. Flat Foundation brush
  3. Buffing brush
  4. Powder brush
  5. Highlighter brush
  6. Blending brush
  7. Diffusing brush
  8. Eye blending brush
  9. Small flat brush
  10. Hard angled brush
  11. Mini kabuki brush


All of the packagings from Flawless are plastic-free, and this set of cosmetic brushes comes in a cute bag made from organic cotton, which is both eco-friendly and makes a great ethical gift set.

Jessup’s Eco makeup brushes are handcrafted from environmentally friendly, vegan, cruelty-free materials and sustainable wood. What’s amazing about this brand is its commitment to saving the environment and minimizing their environmental impact.

The vegan bristles are very soft and they help give you a smooth perfect finish. The handles are made of beech wood and they have a unique texture and amazing durability. The ferrules are made from recycled aluminium.

The Brush Set, consisting of a versatile mix of face and eye brushes, allows you to tackle any makeup challenge with ease. From the plush Multi-Use Brush to the precise Line Brush, the collection makes it simple to place color and blend to perfection.

This set consists of 12 brushes:

  1. Oval Foundation brush
  2. Powder brush
  3. Finish brush
  4. Angled Blush
  5. Angled shader
  6. Blending brush
  7. Shader brush
  8. Concealer Blending brush
  9. Duo brow brush
  10. Small shader
  11. Small Blending
  12. Line brush


Best of all, the brushes come packaged in an eco-friendly, zero-waste, and plastic-free manner, making them an ethical and responsible choice for you and the planet.

EcoTools is a company that creates cruelty-free and vegan beauty tools, dedicated to producing eco-conscious products to enhance your makeup and skincare routines.

They offer a wide range from traditional makeup brushes to a versatile collection of interchangeable brush heads, crafted from materials such as synthetic bristles, recycled aluminum, and bamboo.


EcoTools is also committed to reducing their environmental impact by packaging their products with minimal plastic and using recyclable materials wherever possible.

Elate Cosmetics is a cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics brand that prides itself with a wide range of makeup, beauty tool, and other beauty products in eco-friendly packaging.

Their makeup brushes feature handles made from sustainably sourced bamboo, recycled aluminum, and a responsible eco glue, and are finished with Taklon bristles, a synthetic alternative to animal fur.


Elate also sells cruelty-free, vegan, natural products you can use to clean your makeup brushes, which are packaged in glass and bamboo.

All the brushes in the collection are vegan, including the handles which are made from renewable bamboo, and bristles made from synthetic nylon and Taklon fiber. The handles are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and optimal length for any type of makeup application.

The densely packed bristles are easy to clean, and their design allows for efficient product pickup, minimizing wastage. Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or just looking to enhance your personal beauty routine, Everyday Minerals’ bamboo brushes are an excellent choice for a sustainable and effective beauty experience.


Each product is stored in recyclable packaging.


In conclusion, zero waste makeup brushes are an essential aspect of a sustainable beauty routine. These brushes are made with environmentally friendly materials, and are designed to reduce waste and minimize their impact on the environment.

They offer an excellent alternative to traditional makeup brushes that may contain animal products or use plastic and other non-recyclable materials.

Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or just looking to improve your personal beauty routine, zero waste makeup brushes are a valuable investment that help protect the environment and promote a more sustainable future.





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