What Are The Cons Of Capsule Wardrobes? – The Negatives

Capsule wardrobes may just be a very eco-friendly decision, but are they viable? Here are the negatives.

Capsule wardrobes have been the hot new thing for quite some time. From bloggers to important people in the fashion industry, everyone has been raving over this. So what does a capsule wardrobe even entail?

Well, basically it’s a mini wardrobe designed to help you dress faster and smarter everyday. And the good thing is that it’s made up of pieces that you actually love and wear almost all the time.

Some capsule wardrobe experts suggest having at least 40 items that you wear for a season. And during that season you don’t have to buy other clothes until the last few weeks before the season ends and you’re starting to prepare for the next season.

Just because some experts say the number of items should be around 40, that doesn’t mean you have to abide by that rule. You should always pick the number of garments that suit you and your lifestyle. So in a way, your capsule wardrobe is limited but not much. And you’ll be updating it after every season.

Capsule wardrobes can work for some people, and for those who are dedicated enough to do them. Just like everything in the world, even if they have countless positives, capsule wardrobes have their negatives too.

That’s what today’s article is about. We’re going to break down some of the (sadly) negatives that come with capsule wardrobes.

The Cons Of Capsule Wardrobes

While capsule wardrobes have benefits such as more free space and less indecisiveness, they can also have cons which we have to consider:

Limited Options May Become Repetitive

With a lot fewer items in your wardrobe, you might find yourself wearing and repeating the same outfits all over again. And this can become very boring and uninspiring, especially for people who love experimenting with fashion.

Another example is, let’s say you work in an office environment and you have a casual home life and you might find yourself limiting your outfits in both areas. This can work if you genuinely want to commit yourself to the capsule wardrobe movement, but it’s also okay to break a few rules and admit to yourself that you can’t do it, after all, it’s your life and there is no shame in quitting something that doesn’t work for you.


You’re not saving as much money, as you think you are. Building a capsule wardrobe may cost you a lot of money since you probably want to buy high-quality sustainable items, and well those items can be very expensive. But you’re not actually shopping all the time all year long, you’re investing in a perfectly curated collection. It’s not necessarily a bad thing don’t get me wrong, just make sure before deciding to do a capsule wardrobe, that you’re a hundred percent on board and that it fits your budget.


Because your capsule wardrobe is filled with limited items you’ll find yourself wearing some outfits very often. One of the main goals of a capsule wardrobe is to make sure that your clothes are being well taken care of and that they stay in a good condition so they last you a long time. This means doing laundry very often, regular dry cleaning, altering, and repairing.

Washing your clothes very often can cause the color of the clothes to fade very quickly, and the garment may lose its shape quicker too. Plus you’re going to be using a lot of electricity and spending a ton of money on those bills.

Difficulty Adjusting To Different Seasons

Depending on where you live, a capsule wardrobe may not be the perfect solution for you. For example, if you live in an area where there are constant temperature fluctuations, it can be pretty challenging on finding pieces that can be worn in hot and cold weather.

It Can Be Restrictive

If you’re someone who enjoys shopping and experimenting with fashion, then a capsule wardrobe may not be suitable for you. Because of its limited items, you might feel restricted in your options and you might not be able to showcase your personality and personal style.

It May Require More Planning

A capsule wardrobe with limited options may require a lot more organization and planning. You have to make sure that you’re picking items that are versatile and easily matched with each other, and that can be worn throughout the year. And all of this can be time-consuming, especially if you’re leading a very busy lifestyle.

Not Suitable For All Lifestyles

Some professions or lifestyles may require a much bigger wardrobe, especially if you’re traveling very frequently or if you’re attending formal events. In this case, a capsule wardrobe is not something for you, as it can’t provide you with enough variety and flexibility.


To sum up, while capsule wardrobes can offer many benefits such as reducing clutter, minimizing indecisiveness, etc., they also have their negatives that we should take into consideration.

One of the cons of capsule wardrobes is that they may not fit into someone’s lifestyle and fashion needs. If someone enjoys wearing bold clothes, making a statement, and experimenting with fashion, then they might get bored, and uninspired because of the limited lack of options that capsule wardrobes can offer.

In addition, capsule wardrobes require very careful planning and organizing. It can be time and effort-consuming, especially if you’re very new to this. This also means that you need to be very smart with your purchases because your items need to be high-quality and long-lasting, while also being ABLE to mix and match very well with each other and the other pieces.

While capsule wardrobes can’t be for everyone, they can be a very useful tool for those who want to simplify their lives, want to declutter their wardrobes, want to live more sustainably, and reduce their environmental impact.

It’s important to read and do more research on this topic and weigh in the pros and cons before ultimately deciding on whether you want to commit to this lifestyle and big change. Plus, you need to make sure that it also fits your budget and aligns with your lifestyle, personality, and needs.

This concludes today’s article, we hope you enjoyed reading it. Please let us know if we missed something! And if you already started your capsule wardrobe adventure, please share your personal experience with us!




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