How Can You Make Your Clothes Sustainable? – Guide To Sustainable Clothes

Go green with your closet and ditch those chemical-heavy clothes for something friendly to the planet!

Fast fashion has become a household name in the fashion industry and world, but not in a good way. Its constant need to catch up to trends and mass produce every hip and trendy item to appease the ongoing demand from customers, has left some enormous consequences in the world.

From the start to the finish line of the production process, fast fashion companies are huge contributors to planetary pollution. The wasting of water, energy, cheap materials, toxic dyes, and chemicals usage, and the quick lifecycle end of the final products all lead to textile waste, greenhouse gas emissions, and water pollution.

In contrast, sustainable fashion aims to lessen these negative impacts by prioritizing environmentally responsible production practices and the use of sustainable materials.

Sustainable fashion is a movement in the fashion industry created to combat and slow down fast fashion and its serious consequences.

The materials that are being used in sustainable fashion production are sourced ethically and responsibly so it doesn’t create a disbalance in the ecosystem, and they also use recyclable materials, that way they are keeping pollution and textile waste to a minimum.

Sustainable fashion PRIORITIZES fair labor practices and better working conditions for the people involved in the production process. This includes non-discriminatory practices, a better working environment, and proper wages.

How Can We Make Our Clothes Sustainable?

There are many ways that we can utilize to make our clothes more sustainable such as:

Buy From Sustainable And Ethical Brands

Keep an eye out for brands that prioritize sustainable and ethical practices, such as using eco-conscious materials, producing locally (often in small batches), and ensuring fair labor treatment.

Choose High-Quality Clothing

Invest in high-quality clothing made from sustainable and eco-friendly materials, designed to last you for a long time. And this way you won’t have to buy new clothes frequently and replace your already existing ones. Quality items can be expensive, but they are usually quite durable and will last for years, and it’s such a smart investment. Look for durable fabrics like organic cotton, linen, hemp, and wool. Avoid fabrics that contain microfibers, as these fabrics frequently pollute the oceans.

Organize Your Closet

To start, declutter your closet and start organizing your items. By organizing your wardrobe effectively, you can effortlessly create a variety of outfit combinations. This will help you to avoid purchasing new items unnecessarily.

Second-Hand Shopping

Another great way of being sustainable is shopping for second-hand and vintage clothes. You can shop at thrift stores, vintage clothes stores, and even online on social media platforms and websites. This is all helpful to the environment because we’re reducing the textile waste in landfills and we’re giving these clothes another purpose.

Repurpose And Upcycle

Instead of throwing your clothes away, consider the option to alter and repair them and even reuse them for something else entirely. For example, you can make tote bags, pillowcases, or even patchwork quits. And if some of your clothes only have small tears or a button has popped out, resew them or you can even sew a fun bold patch to make it more unique and more you.

Take Proper Care Of Your Clothes

Properly caring for our clothes will definitely extend their lifespan. And it also matters how you take care of them. We need to wash them less frequently, we should opt for eco-friendly laundry detergents. Air-drying them instead of drying them in the drying machine will reduce the environmental impact and plus you won’t have to waste any more unnecessary electricity. Also, follow the care instructions on the label to help prolong the life of your clothes.

Lead A Minimalistic Lifestyle

Minimalistic fashion requires having a smaller amount of clothes in your closet, owning and buying what you really need, and wearing what you really love. And the best part is, you’ll only be buying new items when you really have to, thus saving you money and you will reduce your environmental impact and textile waste.

Donate Or Recycle

If you have older clothes that you don’t use anymore and they’re in great shape, instead of throwing them away, you can always donate them to lots of charities or thrift stores. This way you will make someone happy and reduce your carbon footprint. Or you can recycle them if they’re in a bad shape. And you can use some of them as rags to clean with around your home.

What Are The Benefits Of Going Sustainable?

Choosing to go sustainable and owning sustainable clothing have a lot of benefits. Such as:

It’s Better For The Environment

Sustainable clothes are made of eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton, linen, recycled polyester, Tencel, etc. And these clothes require less water and energy to be produced and are less harmful to the environment.

Better Working Conditions

The companies that produce sustainable clothing prioritize fair labor treatment, better working environments, paying their workers’ fair wages, and getting them health insurance and benefits.

Longer Lifespan

Sustainable clothes have more durability and can last a lot longer than clothes made by a fast fashion company, due to the latter being made of cheap materials. Sustainable clothes are made with and from high-quality production processes and eco-conscious materials, which are sourced ethically and responsibly.

Health Benefits

Sustainable clothes don’t contain toxic chemicals and dyes and that way they’re more beneficial for our health. Because of their quality, there’s a smaller chance for people to have skin inflammations, hives, allergic reactions, and other health issues.


To sum up, choosing a sustainable lifestyle and sustainable clothes is not only a great responsible choice for the environment, but it’s also very beneficial for our health and society.

Sustainable clothing is made from eco-friendly materials and production processes from start to finish, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint, longer lifespan, and better working environments.

The great thing about sustainable clothing is that they’re not made with toxic chemicals and dyes, so that is really beneficial for our health.

By supporting sustainable clothing brands, we can make a positive impact on the planet, while also enjoying unique and innovative designs that express our individuality.

It’s important to choose sustainable companies and clothes and fight for workers rights and advocate for them to get paid better and be treated with more respect and dignity so that we can make the planet a much better and healthier place for ourselves and the future generations to come.

This concludes our article, we hope you enjoyed it and if you stuck around till the end, thank you for reading! Let us know if we missed anything!





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